Easy Voice is a Unity editor extension that helps developers quickly and easily prototype in game voice dialog all within Unity.

Using your computer’s built in text to speech engine, Easy Voice takes written lines of dialogue and generates sound file assets ready to test in Unity. Make as many changes as you want and re-generate all your dialogue files with the press of a button.
Easy Voice Overview Video

Native TTS voices on PC and Mac

Import/Export lines via CSV

Customizable voice file naming

Full source code included

Customer Reviews

A Real Time-saver

What a great idea! Instead of wasting time with text-to-speech software and moving audio files around, I’m using this plug-in. It makes the process of recording and managing placeholder sound files as easy as it can be. It’s one of my favorite plug-ins and it’s actually fun to use!

Just What I Needed to Get My Prototype Going

What an awesome tool. I’m currently working on an adventure quest game and this is exactly what I needed to get me progressing while I’m still deciding what dialog to put it. Rock on!

Useful and Easy

Works perfectly with my CereProc and Acapela (iVox) TTS voices. EasyVoice makes an audio clip so your custom TTS voices are the same in the published game, no matter which platform or what TTS voices are installed on the player.