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Discussion in 'General' started by Alberto, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Please take a few moments to read the rules below. In essence, we want this to be a positive and supportive community where discussion is encouraged and thoughts flourish through the respectful interactions of our members.

    I'll keep these rules short and sweet so no excuses for not following them:

    • Be polite and helpful - This is your community; help make it a nice place to hang out and have intelligent discussions with friends.
    • Stay on topic - Read the title of the thread and make a contribution to the topic of discussion.
    • Search before posting - Use the search feature to see if what you're looking for has already been discussed before starting a new thread.
    • Spam - Anything that looks like spam will be removed immediately, simple as that.
    • Harassment - Any harassment/trolling/flaming, basically anti-social behavior will not be tolerated. Arguing on the internet is stupid and we don't like stupid.
    • Abuse the system - These rules don't spell everything out on purpose, don't abuse this by doing things that need more rules to be written as it's more work to write them than remove the offender.

    Thank you for reading and enjoy the forums.
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